Meet our Analysts

Grayce is solving resource challenges and helping to close the skills gap

Hand picking and developing top graduate talent to build capability in change, data analysis and tech.

As well as addressing cost and risk and short term capacity challenges, Grayce Project Analysts help organisations to build their capability with clear talent pipelines.

Our Analysts are intelligent, dedicated professionals with the skills needed to support today’s technology-driven market. As digital natives, their inherent understanding of technology means they are well-suited to supporting transformation. Grayce bolsters this understanding through our Development Programme. Analysts are able to pick up real responsibility as soon as they start their client assignment, and will continue to develop as they progress through the Programme.

Over three years, Grayce Analysts gain the accredited qualifications, training and career-coaching to become well-rounded professionals.

Meet our Analysts

Hannah Azlin, Data Analyst

Jordane Lindsay, Project Analyst

Callum Naylor, Data Analyst

Jess Smith-Lamkin, Senior Analyst

Andy Frain, Project Manager

Jack Phypers and Liam Pascoe,
Strategy Analyst and Project Manager

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