Scale your Salesforce teams sustainably with The Smart Salesforce Solution

With over 9 million jobs to fill in the Salesforce Ecosystem by 2026 and a growing digital skills gap in the UK, Grayce is the answer to your Salesforce resourcing challenges.

Today, as a Graduate Workforce Development Partner and an official Consulting Partner, we’re developing certified Salesforce Analysts to scale our client’s Salesforce teams sustainably. Our people are delivering excellence in Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau CRM, Sales Cloud and more. With the option to transition to your permanent teams after a defined period, our investment in our people becomes your long-term gain.

Grayce Salesforce Analysts

Ambitious, confident and curious, our Salesforce Analysts bring invaluable support to your Salesforce teams. Having partnered with Salesforce’s Trailhead Programme, our Analysts all go through tailored Trailhead Virtual Bootcamps whilst our in-house Salesforce certified trainers equip them with Salesforce fundamentals. In under 8 weeks, our Analysts are Admin or Developer certified and on track to become Consultant certified, building the expertise you need most. After being on client site for a defined period, they can then be hired permanently, growing your Salesforce teams long-term and helping you find your future Salesforce leaders, today.

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More than just Salesforce support. The Smart Salesforce Solution offers additional value, unique to Grayce.

Our digital presence is crafted with inclusivity in mind. We use a tool that ensures the language in our job adverts is neutral and inclusive, so all talented graduates feel encouraged to apply. We want all candidates to be able to see people like themselves succeeding. That’s why we celebrate a diverse range of people across our social media channels, website and job adverts that are reflective of our community.
Our cost-effective Salesforce Solution includes Grayce’s wrap-around service. Working with Grayce you’ll benefit from flexible engagement, tailored training, performance management and wellbeing support.
Our HQ reach back service includes a Delivery Manager for each Analyst, responsible for their development and performance management. Our Analysts also have access to a nationwide network of Grayce Salesforce Analysts, allowing them to be autonomous and exceed expectations from day one.

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Senior Manager, Partner Talent Programmes EMEA

Tobias White

Salesforce Analyst

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