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Efficient management and use of data is crucial to excellent service delivery. But the digital skills gap is preventing many organisations from harnessing the benefits of their data.

Today, we’re producing more data than ever before. Data analytics mean big business and in order to get the edge on their competitors, organisations are now in a race to harness their data and put it to effective use. Much more than just measuring programme outcomes, data plays a role in driving more effective project management, along with informing strategy and direction. Designed in partnership with leading data experts, Turing Talent, Grayce’s Data+ solution is helping organisations harness their data and build capability.

Grayce Data+ Analysts

Highly analytical and inquisitive, Data+ Analysts support your business with real-time, valuable insights. We enrol our Analysts on to technical Data+ Development Programme, designed in partnership with Turing Talent. Turing Talent are leaders in the data space, with founders and backing from experts at Facebook, Google and McKinsey. We provide a structured programme and deploy Analysts to your organisation, Grayce Data+ Analysts can add value in a number of ways. From understanding current market trends that may influence propositional developments, to interpreting your organisational data to identify procedural improvements, they are the drivers of strategic decision making within businesses, with the essential skills that generalist Data Analysts need to succeed.

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  • Managing master data, including creation, updates, and deletion
  • Providing quality assurance in data, in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Translate business requirements and communicate data findings in simple ways
  • Developing dashboards and reporting environment including sources, security and metadata
  • Providing technical support on data mining, and data cleansing
  • Data aggregation and transformation
  • SQL databases and APIs

More than Data Analysis. Data+ is the additional value you get when working with Grayce

Expert Matching

We’re experts in finding the right people, at the start of their careers, with the drive and ability to succeed in data analysis. We work closely with clients to define what capability you need to build over time and match people with the right competences, attributes and those who can make a difference from day one.

Service Assurance

You’ll gain a dedicated client team when working with Grayce, responsible for Analyst development and performance management. Our client team are on hand to help you build capability and look at your long term talent strategy. This wraparound service approach delivers quality and provides assurance, making it a low risk solution, with limited overheads for you.

Digitally Literate & Critical Thinkers

Today’s emerging workforce are digital natives who have always lived in a technology and data driven world. They have an inherent understanding of technology which allows them to pick up new software intuitively. Grayce Analysts on the Data+ Development Programme, designed in partnership with Turing Talent, bring curiosity and diversity of thought to unlock the data your organisation is sitting on.

Data+ in Action

A leading High Street Bank recognised that with the right support, they could better utilise the large amounts of data that they produce. Grayce Analysts have been:

  • Helping to implement continuous improvement within the organisation’s change processes, tools and capabilities.
  • Managing the ePMO Access Database and related documentation.
  • Providing technical support and error handling for key documentation and SQL.
  • Producing reports for the senior leadership team and executives.
  • Effectively communicating data insights to a range of senior stakeholders.
  • Confidently handling data and code-based problems in a systematic way.

Through my work, I provide insight into what's happening in change at all levels of the organisation. We produce key metrics that drive change and help senior leaders to drill down into key information. This allows them to cut through the noise in order to make strategic decisions. I enjoy telling stories with data and seeing an organisation change its ways of working using technology to improve customer and staff experiences.

Roisin WherryePMO Data Analyst at leading High Street Bank

Meet some of our Data+ Analysts

Hannah Azlin, Regulatory Analyst

Alice West, Data Analyst

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