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Where Every One is Empowered

Why it's so important to us

We believe in the power of new talent. Grayce was founded on the idea that bright graduates can make a real difference in change and transformation. We know this to be true because we see our Analysts adding value to our clients every day.

We embrace the emerging and future workforce and the vital role they will play in the future of our working world. That’s why Grayce is committed to offering graduates meaningful opportunities to start their career.

Our Community is the place where future leaders are made. Grayce’s diverse, inclusive and collaborative Community is an environment where everyone is supported to succeed – whatever success looks like for them. #EveryOneEmpowered

From sharing knowledge and skills to charity fundraising – we know we succeed together.

Giving Back

Our CSR Committee work hard year round to raise funds for our chosen charities. Their efforts show a consistent commitment to one of our core values: We Care.

From skydiving to Santa Dashes and bake sales to country trails, Movember to Escape Rooms, our CSR Committee display endless creativity when it comes to fundraising for causes they’re passion about.

Our annual Grayce trek is the biggest event in the CSR calendar.

They are experts in rallying support from the Grayce Community, their clients and beyond.

We recognise the impact we have when we come together.

By collaborating, our people strengthen their bonds and knowledge, are equipped to deliver better for our clients.

Knowledge Exchanges

Analysts lead knowledge exchanges so that we can share insights across our capabilities and industries and you experience peer to peer learning.

Quarterly Briefing

Quarterly Briefing

We bring our regions together quarterly to brief them on what’s happening in the wider Grayce community. It’s the chance to share success and to meet your peers.

Pret Roulette

A networking opportunity where our Analysts pair up with others in their region who might be working on similar projects, so that they can share knowledge and working best practice.


Annual Conference

Our flagship event. A one-day conference where you’ll hear from industry leaders, connect with the whole business, celebrate success and learn about what’s next for Grayce.

Winter Party

Celebrate the end of the year with a bang! Our recent winter party was in London where over 250 people came together to celebrate all things Grayce.



We’re serious about diversity in business, and EveryOneEmpowered makes sure we’re inclusive, openminded and able to continue the community culture we’re known for.

Diversity and inclusion

Grayce is a diverse and inclusive business promoting opportunities for people from many different backgrounds. Our EveryOneEmpowered initiative provides a safe home for all in our business, specifically focused on the protected characteristics by law. Whether on the Development Programme or in HQ you’ll find a genuine, caring and inclusive community against discrimination. From hiring through to service delivery, our people are treated fairly and with respect. Our 2020 Diversity Survey, completed by 75% business shows a diverse community. Find out more about EveryOneEmpowered in the video.

are from ethnic minority backgrounds
identify as female
are first generation graduates
identify as LGBTQ+

Our Chosen Charities

Grayce supports a range of charities across the UK with our dedicated CSR Committee driving our fundraising efforts to these fantastic causes.

Bookmark Reading

England has one of the lowest literacy rates in the developed world. More than 1 in 4 children in England are unable to read well when they leave primary school. Bookmark want to stop this trend. Through Bookmark’s reading programme, children across the UK are being given the gift of literacy.

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