Here we roundup key digital transformation trends that are changing the way we work in 2020.

When it comes to digital, it’s all about the journey. Whilst some organisations are only at the beginning of their Digital Transformation journeys, others are well underway. So, understanding the digital changes we can expect to impact our working world in 2020 is crucial to success for every business.

Grayce Digital Director, Lee Egerton predicts for 2020 that “the market drivers of Digital Transformation (customer, cost and control) will remain relatively unchanged. However, where organisations focus their transformation efforts and the technology they use will be critical to success.”

Here we roundup the top five trends digital transformation trends that are impacting how we deliver organisational success in 2020.

1. Borderless Customer Experience

Despite the increased focus on digital and technology in business, the customer should always sit at the heart of its implementation. Delivering excellence to customers is essential to business success. But the evolution of technology means that customer demands are always changing. In today’s digital world, the way to impress customers is by providing frictionless experiences across digital channels that are also aligned to off-line experiences. Whether we’re online shopping or making an insurance claim, we’re looking for a fast, frictionless service.

2. Data Driving Innovation

Numbers and data sit at the heart of digital transformation. We’re producing more data now than ever before. But it’s only by unlocking it that we can drive innovation. Increasingly, investing in big data and analytics is a key priority for businesses across all industries. Because they know that making business decisions with the guidance of data is a winning approach. Just one competitive advantage that data analysis provides is innovating your offering with the customer truly in mind. Analysing data can provide insights about customer needs and satisfaction to guide the development of new products.

3. Going Paperless

When we think of digital, it’s easy to focus only on cutting-edge technology. But there are many organisations across different industries that remain reliant on legacy systems. A huge first step in their digital journeys will be ‘digitising the back office’. This is a route to reduce significant costs across the business and remove the reliance on paper. The legal services industry, in particular, is going through a period of significant change in this space and many large financial services businesses have still yet to completely achieve a paperless environment.

4. 5G Revolution

The impact of 5G shouldn’t be underestimated. Much more than just faster connection speeds, 5G will provide the infrastructure for us to benefit from AI – living and working in the cloud. AI applications need increased speeds and the location-agnostic access which 5G offers. Connected workspaces and homes, as well as interactive AR and VR experiences are just a few ways that 5G can offer a real benefit to our work and home lives.

5. Prioritising People

Digital Transformation isn’t just about technology, but about people and cultural change. The idea of digital transformation can leave employees worrying they will lack skills or even be left without a job. The empowerment of individuals working within digital transformation programmes is critical to their success. Lee suggests, “If as a business you are struggling to land digital change as a result of cultural challenges, you should consider including internal processes as part of the transformation scope, so employees can feel how customers will ultimately feel through the impact of digitalisation.”

In 2020 and beyond, the emerging workforce will play a key role in driving and delivering transformation. This group are well-equipped to support digital transformation projects. At Grayce, we bolster their inherent understanding of technology through our gradaute Development Programme.

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